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Welcome Pet Parents!

As pet parents when spending time away from home we all ask ourselves, "Who will let the dog out if I stay late at the office?"  "Who will care for my pets when I am sick?"  or, on vacation, "Do I board my pets, knowing all the pro's and con's?"  Consider these advantages...


The advantages of pet sitting & dog walking services are personalized pet care, convenience, comfort and peace of mind at comparable pricing to boarding.

  • Personalized pet care:  Our pet sitting services are tailored to meet your pet's needs. We will discuss with you your pet's individual needs and health issues in advance.

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  • Convenience:   Pedigree Pet Nanny will come to your home to care for your lil' one; allowing them to stay in their own familiar surroundings.

  • Comfort:  For our pets, being at home is a great comfort, especially the older pet, who is more set in their ways. Dogs and cats thrive on patterns, knowing what is going to happen and when. With Pedigree Pet Nanny you maintain those patterns for a happier more content pet.

  • Peace of mind:  Boarding, especially if your pet has never or seldom been boarded may cause underlying health problems to become apparent or worsen. Pedigree Pet Nanny provides the necessary pet care for your furry friends to cope with your absence.

































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